About Seqana

Our Mission


Enable the Future of Carbon Sequestration

Soils are the largest portion of available carbon on earth- more than all global vegetation and atmosphere combined!

Our mission is to enable communities around the world to identify, manage, report, and even sell their carbon sequestration from the comfort of their home.

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Our Vision

We Are Dreaming Big

Our vision is to provide the most complete and intuitive Soil Organic Carbon analysis software that provides a competitive edge in the production of carbon credits to all our users.


In its prototype stage, you can access MODIS and Landsat data, in an easy to use format, compare areas of interest, and download reports. Check it out!

Monitoring (MRV) Services

Click-of-a-button SOC monitoring services.

Scouting Tools

Valuable top-level decision insight into new project regions.

Down with
the Carbon

Learn why Carbon Sequestration is a key component in the fight against Climate Change.

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Our crew

This is the Team
Making it Happen

Our rockstar team is headquartered in Berlin. With combined experiences at multinational conglomerates, NGOs, and startups We are creating a reliable and scalable supply of MRV data for NCS projects around the world.

Jakob Levin, COO
Sales & Marketing

Dedicated community builder with a Masters in GIS and a drive to create value wherever he goes.

Stefan Gönner, CEO

Loves building products that create a meaningful impact in every step of the way.

Julian Kremers, CTO
Data & Engineering

Data Scientist with a passion for remote sensing, big earth data modelling, climate action, and the outdoors.

Lorenzo Oliver
Data Engineer


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