Hello Space2Agriculture!


November 6, 2020

Hello Space2Agriculture!

Did you know that there are 570 million farms on the planet? You read that right- 570,000,000 farms!!

Among a top concern for the farmers that work these farms is soil heath and as a result soil organic carbon (SOC). Soils with higher SOC content require less irrigation, are more resilient to droughts and erosion, produce healthier yields, and actively sequester (Seqana) carbon out of the atmosphere! Now that’s what we like to call a win-win-win-win.

Seqana is on a mission to provide these farmers with data-driven carbon sequestration measurements which would allow both small-hold farmers and large agricultural conglomerates to access to carbon financing through low cost satellite analysis.

This is why we so excited to be part of Space2Agriculture, a INNOspace network that serves as a communication platform between the #spacetech industry and agriculture.
Thank you Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Ghosh for the opportunity to join and the chance to present our solution and insight.

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