Carbon Capture
at a Global Scale

Seqana's software delivers actionable insights into carbon sequestration anywhere and everywhere on earth.

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Modern Climate Change Action

At CQuest, we aim to create a reliable and scalable supply of MRV data for NCS projects around the world.

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Carbon Capture
at a Global Scale

CQuest’s software delivers actionable insights into carbon sequestration anywhere and everywhere on earth.


Nature Based
Climate Solutions

Pioneers In The World Of Carbon Sequestration!

Seqana is a Berlin-based, B2B start-up that specializes in satellite-based monitoring of Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) for the Voluntary Carbon Market.

Carbon sequestration in soils is an essential component in the fight against climate change.

Our cutting edge, satellite-based software enables farmers, project developers, NGOs, and large corporations to profit from carbon sequestration practices at a fraction of the cost offered by our competitors.

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Our Solution

A Satellite-Powered solution to MRV that is 10x cheaper and 60x faster.

Problem solvers

Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) is a crucial phase of the Carbon Markets. A process that traditionally requires complex and expensive soil sampling and measuring protocols that take months or years to plan and execute.


Critical thinkers

Our solution greatly reduces sampling issues, laboratory backlogs, complex management challenges, and offers reliable, and consistent data streams with actionable insights.



Harnessing the Power of Satellite Imagery

Seqana.Earth is a prototype platform for the developers of Nature-Based Climate Solutions.

Access actionable insights into the health of soils anywhere on earth.

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Learn more about Seqana.Earth and the future of Voluntary Carbon Market

Why we built this?

Seqana is tackling the problem of expensive and lagging metrics into NCS projects for scouting and MRV. Seqana.ai is our remote sensing and machine learning foundry where we will extract useful, repeatable, and affordable insights from various data sources. These insights will be delivered to you, our customers, through Seqana.Earth.

Potential Use Cases

Are you interested in learning about degrading or non-degrading landscapes in current or potential project areas? Our tool allows you to easily access satellite data to determine vegetation trends over the past 20 years

What is it for?

The current version of Seqana.Earth allows users to easily extract vegetative insights and knowledge from the MODIS and Landsat datasets. We will regularly improve and update Seqana.Earth and plan to add additional features in the near future. Seqana.Earth is currently completely free to use.

How do I sign up?

To begin, please click Seqana.Earth, or copy and paste into your browser. The page you see should look similar to the page below.

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Seqana Data Transfer App

Seqana Data Transfer App

Soil data are central to our mission to enable data-driven carbon sequestration which is why we created this tool to integrate data from various sources into our algorithms.

The 3 challenges of NCS
Nature Based Climate Solution

The 3 challenges of NCS

Focusing on removing carbon from the atmosphere, there are two prevalent options: tech centered climate solutions and nature based climate solutions (NCS).

The Power of Grasslands
Grasslands, Nature Based Climate Solution

The Power of Grasslands

Grasslands hold an astonishing ability to sequester atmospheric carbon deep into the soil, more effectively than croplands or forest.